lands_end_small_bw.png ...and Loving It
A Walk from Land's End to John o'Groats
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This website took about 3 months to create, which means it actually took longer to do the website than to do the walk!
The site has been tested on the following browsers:
  • Firefox
  • IExplorer 7
  • Opera 9.25
  • Safari

The basic website is done using php and Javascript. In particular, the tabbed look is done via tables and some jiggery-pokerey with Cascading Style Sheets.

The two images at the top have been colored using The Gimp image tool.

The maps are done using the Google Maps API

The track overlays were generated using the GPX data from my gps. The UK-wide track was done by combining all the daily GPX data together, and then taking every 10th point. The daily tracks are done using the complete daily track data, so they are very detailed.
This data was encoded for display on the map using the excellent scripts supplied on the Encoding Polylines for Google Maps page.

The photos are stored on Flickr and then then linked into the website via their thumbnails.

The photos were located on the maps using a perl script which used the photo timestamp to locate it on the gpx track.
The time stamp was extracted from the photos using the Image-ExifTool-7.00 Perl package. Because the camera clock was out by a few minutes, I had to manually calibrate the camera and the gps clock by using a photo whose location I already know; in this case, the Land's End signpost.

The altitude diagrams were done using gnuplot. The Lat/Long to Distance calculations were done using the GIS::Distance Perl package. For a summary of this mapping, refer to the WGS 84 Wikipedia Page.  
1st November 2007 John Minack