lands_end_small_bw.png ...and Loving It
A Walk from Land's End to John o'Groats
Introduction Preparation Equipment Costs Maps About  
As you would expect, living anywhere for 3 months is never going to be cheap, and if that anywhere is the UK, then it is impossible. Here is a rough cost breakdown of my trip. All values are in $AUD

Plane Ticket Melb→Lon$2,500
Train-Land's End$160
Train-John o'Groats$470
New Camera$550
Phone Calls/SMS$750

So that's about £57 :-)

  • I camped most nights, so the only way to reduce this cost significantly would be to wild-camp. Technically this is illegal in most places, but the few times I did it, the locals didn't seem to mind as long as you cleaned up after yourself.
  • I really splurged on food as you can see. If you willing to cook your own food, you could get this down significantly
  • Misc includes the following
    • Newspapers. I am a newspaper junkie, and bought one where ever I could
    • Small snacks
    • Magazines. Mainly the Economist
1st November 2007 John Minack