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A Walk from Land's End to John o'Groats
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You can use this page to view exactly where I went. This track was recorded by my GPS, so it is actually accurate to about 5m.
You can either click on one of the town names in the table below, or on the red markers to see a complete days travel. For each day, I have shown the daily summary I sent via SMS, plus some post-walk comments about that day.

FYI, the total distance I walked according to my logs was 2018.7km, and the total ascent was 37161m. Interestingly, my GPS odometer reckons I walked a total of 2077km, so I'm not quite sure where the discrepancy comes from! What's 60 km between friends!

If you see a digital_camera_icon_small_2.png on the map, it means I took a photo there. Click on the camera to view the photos. The camera symbol is located where the photo was taken, so if you zoom right in, you can see exactly where it was taken.
It is often interesting to look at the satellite view of the landscape, and the corresponding photo at that location.

Note: The satellite photos over England (as of December 2007 anyway) are much more detailed than those over Scotland.

Click here to see an height graph of the complete walk.
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